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What If!

In this fractionated world where our news, thoughts, and communication are fragmented, it’s easy to feel like a jumble of loose ends. After all, you can’t be good at everything, ALL the time. But… what if you switched up a few small health decisions today, how would it look tomorrow?

Nutrition tends to be one of those areas cluttered with fads, myths, conflicting information. Paleo, ketosis, high protein, vegan, locovore, gluten free, the list goes on and on making us want to throw up our arms in confusion and eat French fries and Snickers!

I’d like to focus on the N in SHINE – NUTRITION! This is an area that can make a big dent with just a few simple changes. If your nutrition is right for your body then you will have more energy, leading to the ability to move more which in turn brings up your mood which affects your relationships, and brings clarity, decreases stress and improves performance. See how profound food is? IF we give it the attention that it deserves, the rest of our life improves in a ripple effect.

First off – eat more green, the plant kind. This will give you the fiber that your body is craving and some of the vital plant chemicals that make your body function optimally. We are finding that the fiber in plants promotes gut health by feeding our good bacteria.

Next – drink an extra glass or two of water, you can make it pretty by adding flavor through fruits and veggies. Have fun, experiment with additions until you find what tastes and looks good to you.

Get a buddy, life is richer with connection to others. You can help each other be accountable and share the experience, have fun! It’s okay if you don’t like it at first, you probably won’t. That’s normal, just choose to continue, your cravings and the way you feel will change, I PROMISE!

Intuitively, what do you think would happen if you showed extra love to your body by feeding it what it craves for optional functioning? What you do today CAN change your tomorrow! Let’s connect and I can help you find those magical places that you can tap into to get you back on track with your health. Send me a message below and I’d be happy to chat with you!