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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

There are certain areas, I believe, that we are unwilling to accept responsibility for in our lives, and thus must tell ourselves stories to protect our image. You know, like why we gained that extra 10, or 15 pounds, that just won’t go away. Or how it’s not our fault that our business isn’t progressing because we are “working hard” and doing “all the right things”.

Of course, there are circumstances beyond our control that we can’t change, however, we always have the choice of our response and actions.

Believe me- I’m right there with you!

This past holiday, I gained a few pounds and it hasn’t come off as simply as I thought it would. I’m tempted to blame my hormones, busy schedule, age… all that! But, when I’m really honest, my portions have been too big, my workouts not as intense and my sleep pretty lacking.

It was easier when I could blame it on something outside of my control, but empowering to get the reality check!

What are the excuses or stories that you are telling yourself that are keeping you stuck in your life? Maybe it’s that cancer runs in your family, or that you are big boned or not athletic. These soul burdens come in many forms and sometimes a partner can help you to see the truth and a new path to freedom.

I love this simple quote by Martha Beck… Every day brings new choices.

What will you choose today? In addition to that new choice, visualize in your mind how it will feel and where that choice will lead you down the road. Keep this picture in mind as you go through your day and notice how easy it is to make choices that will support your future vision of yourself. I’m here to connect and support you on this journey too!

Best of Health!