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The Gift That Gives Back


“Your health is your wealth.” If you haven’t noticed, it’s kind of my mantra.

We are headed into the holiday season, the end of the year and the time when maintaining healthy diets and exercise routines can become a distant memory for many of us? What is top of mind, however, is that this is the gift-giving time of the year.

We put so much energy into finding the perfect gift for friends and family, so much so that we can’t wait to see their reaction when they open them. Ever consider the gift of health and how it can lend itself to many fruitful experiences.

Ask yourself: “What will it be like to gift myself better health?”

Think about your energy level as you move through interactions within your family life, for example, positive quality time with spouse playtime with your children that won’t leave you gasping for air. In fact, you will probably be a lot more effective at work and not prone to stress the small stuff.

Better health is possible during this time of the year, particularly if you have a plan on how you’re going to come out of this season. With a plan in place, you’ll give yourself peace of mind to be kind to yourself and those around you, especially to the auntie who made your favorite apple pie from childhood. It’s the one with caramel topping and whip cream. It’s the one that she plans to sit and watch you eat. Yes. That one!

Who wants to be the Debbie Downer, turning away all the sweet experiences during the holidays? Not me. So, I’ve set my next Clean Eating 10-day Jumpstart for January 7, 2019 so I won’t be stressed during the holidays. I know that help is on the way.

Some of us need more immediate support dealing with any number of stressors that come up during this time of the year. The first inclination may be to internalize stuff, which can affect our body and mind, resulting in headaches, anxiety, back pain and stress-induced insomnia, to name a few issues.

Studies have shown that massage can help alleviate the negative effects of stressors. Instead of waiting until January, go ahead and plan that massage for the day before or after that big stressor event. Just saying.

In partnership with Skin Essentials we have a very rejuvenating stress buster package, message me for details! Maybe you might want one for yourself and one for a gift – one size fits ALL!

Happy Holidays!