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Stress – We’re All Feeling It!

We’ve talked about stress super foods and how nutrition plays a big role in each of the LEAN pillars of health.

Lifestyle… how we live
Exercise… how we move
Attitude… how we think and
Nutrition… how we eat

Today I want to ask you
~Where is your stress out of hand and how is it affecting you?

Understanding that stress exists in life is NOT enough to conquer it. For most of us we have spent the last year and a half in a constant state of flux, bouncing back and forth in all areas of our lives, even the way we connect daily is different.

Just look at these stats in the US…

The American Institute of stress indicates that
• 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress.
• US businesses lose up to $300 Billion yearly because of workplace stress
• Stress causes around one million workers to miss work every day
• Only 43% of US employees think their employers care about their work/life balance
• Depression leads to $51 billion in costs due to absenteeism and $26 Billion in treatment costs

7 Ways Stress Manifests
• 1- Demands
• 2- Effort/Reward Balance
• 3-Control
• 4-Organization Change
• 5-Manager/Supervisor
• 6-Social Support
• 7-Job Security

Now is a good time to take a deeper look at the types of stress,
the sources of stress, and the levels of stress that you have so you can create meaningful change.

One of the tools that I find helpful in analyzing the role that stress plays in my client’s health is the TTI Stress Quotient. Through this stress assessment you will see where you can reduce the negative impacts of stress on your physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral health and help you design a plan to offset these effects.

We all know that stress is in our lives but being able to do something specific about it is freeing. Confusion produces anxiety and negative emotions that seep into all aspects of our lives. I encourage you to take these steps to clear your mind of stress.
1. Do a brain dump of all the things that are swimming in your mind. This can be from unresolved stress in a relationship to cleaning the closet.
2. Look at your list and sort it into personal, delegate, or do-nothing categories.
3. Decide what the next step is for the items that you have chosen to deal with. Just clearing the decks like this can be incredibly stress relieving.

If you’d like to do the Stress Quotient, sign up with this link and I’ll get you started.

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Best of health!