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Sacred Sisters and Lemons


My Aunt Carmen was born in Key West along with my grandmother, Estella. Carmen was always the go-to person for natural remedies of all kinds for everyone who knew her. The family emigrated from Cuba in search of better health and eventually ended up in Denver because of the hope of getting their relatives with Tuberculosis healthy again. Carmen married a pharmacist which in those days was a resource for natural remedies and the general source of medical advice for the average person.

As my mother recalls, the relationship between her mother, Estella, and Carmen was enviably tight, a true sisterhood. So, when my Grandmother fell ill at the age of 53 and started requiring blood transfusions every-other day, Carmen came from Florida and would not leave her side as her attentive sister.

After 3 months in the hospital, a splenectomy, and 52 blood transfusions, the doctors advised the family that there was nothing more they could do for Estella, and she was moved to the hospice ward to be kept comfortable while she peacefully died. They condoled the shocked family by telling them that Estella had lived a long, full life and that she had even seen her grandchildren. Carmen, in her intuitive and discerning way, started doing her own research and started giving Estella lemon water daily. Nothing special, just plain old Denver tap water with lemon in it.

Guess what happened! Estella started having bowel movements, then she started eating, and two weeks later she was released to go back home! She went on to see many more grandchildren enter the world, including myself, and lived another 38 years, to the age of 91, with no further complications!

To me, this is the ultimate story of hope and healing and the natural power of plants, and perseverance of family to remain optimistic and expectant of restoration. There’s so much matter that matters in plants, immeasurably more than science has discovered, and we can harness that power through our diet and lifestyle.

As you can imagine, I drink a glass of lemon water to start my day and I recommend infused water with whatever plants are interesting to you for a tasty twist.

 I believe that your intended path is waiting, and it is accessed through the door of your health. It would be my privilege to hear your story in a half hour complimentary consultation. 

Power to the Lemon!