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Permissible Selfishness

sylvester-1817205_1920Don’t you just love a fresh start? What better time than the New Year to begin a new habit that will serve you, or finally hit the workout regime that you have been wanting to do for years?

The problem is we get stuck cleaning up the end of the year mess and instead of feeling refreshed, we are exhausted! I’m currently fighting for my workout time, battling the pile to do’s that has stacked up and detoxifying up my refrigerator from all of the unmentionables that snuck in over the holidays. I need a permissible selfishness pass to put those things aside and allow my energy to feed myself.

What I do know is that as an entrepreneurial single mom I am able to benefit all those close to me if I’m at my best physically. I bet you’re the same, that you are able to do more and be more when you have taken care of your personal needs. Am I right?

This is why I believe in permissible selfishness. We have to be selfish because let’s face it, no one else can do personal wellness for us! Do you need a plan to follow or a listening ear to decipher where to start?

What would happen if all of your health choices in 2017 were first for you? How would it feel to place your own wellbeing at the top of your priorities?

I believe that your intended life waits for you. And it is accessed through the door of your health. Leave me a comment and let me know what your health desires are for 2017. Take advantage of my complimentary wellness consultation by sending an email to

Happy, Healthy New Year!