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Making Your Best Decisions

“Hey! You look great!” I remember my heart pumping with joy at hearing these words after losing weight on the latest fad diet. I’m not afraid of full disclosure. Yes, I’ve been there. I fell into the trap. And I also almost lost my mind while on these diets that lacked sustainable nutritional value. As a result, I regularly faced brain fog. I was more confused than I was focused. My mental acuity was missing in action.

But hey, I looked great!

While on these fad diets I was not refueling myself with the foods necessary to help me be my best me. It pains me to think back on those days where I wanted to lose weight at all costs. I could have made so many better decisions in my life during that time frame. I soon realized that to live my best life I needed to be fully present. That meant physically and mentally.

Climbing out of my fad diet phase through nutritional education pushed me to be who I am today, and that is someone who proudly connects with others to help them be the best version of themselves through healthy living.

As a Master Certified Health Coach, I strive to help people naturally set their weight, and set habits that lead to a long healthy life. No amount of money in the world can keep you going and reaching for your dreams when you have failed to take the best care of your health. Your first wealth is your health.

I am keenly aware of the power of whole food plant nutrition and how important it is to get in the body every day. For example, to eat or not eat carbs at that holiday party or any day of the year! Yes, you can eat healthy carbs. In fact, your body thrives on it. I personally love healthy smoothies and shakes. Just one a day of the ‘Sipping Solution’ can be so powerful because liquids are easy to digest and they can truly be rejuvenating as you get those nutrients right away. It doesn’t hurt that in this very mobile world, you can take it with you.

Want to learn more about how to integrate the best nutritional value into your daily life, let’s chat. I’m always open to connect over a smoothie.