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What level is your health light shining at? Do you remember a time when it was brilliant and working just right, in that sweet spot? Are you in the Sweet spot right now or have you veered off course in some areas? The good news is that we get a fresh chance to make new choices everyday with a clean slate.

Here are some ideas to help you shine bright…

  1. Start your day by hydrating yourself first thing. We need 2-3 liters of water a day and I love to get that first one done before my day even gets rolling. I put a liter ball jar of water on the counter before bed so that I’m prepared right away when I get up. I add fresh squeezed lemon too which adds many benefits. See my article Sacred Sisters and Lemons for more on that.
  2. Eat mindfully. Take a moment to decide whether you are hungry or if you are eating from a trigger like emotions or smells. Keep trigger foods OUT of the house.
  3. Always take a snack before you leave. You’re going to get hungry so choose to be in control and satisfy that hunger before it turns into uncontrollable hangry. Some of my favorite “fast food” is bagged apples, individual guacamole servings, nuts and sliced veggies, what’s your go to snack?

A little preparation goes a long way toward keeping that light shining at full wattage. One healthful decision builds easily to the next and the next and it’s never too late to make one simple change.

Let me know if you found this to be helpful and what other topics you would like to have tips on.

Best of Health!