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Let’s Talk About Stress and How It Affects Your Body

Stress is a nebulous problem that we all face and carry in numerous ways. Now don’t get me wrong, we need to have a healthy level of stress to motivate us. It’s what helps us get out of bed each morning and conquer our days. That’s positive stress, or motivation. But it’s the negative stress that we need to identify, defuse, and correct so that we can live the healthiest life possible. As a Master Certified Health Coach, I find that pinpointing these negative stressors can be difficult when we are experiencing it in our day-to-day lives, and one of the best ways to identify these stress factors is to work with a professional who holds an outside perspective and coping techniques.


Stress Factors


Stress factors affect our physical health, emotional health, cognitive health, and behavioral health. Each of these areas affect us all in diverse ways. Poor nutrition and unresolved stress are conditions that affect the brain and the eyes the most. Therefore, it is crucial to address stress in your life and identify the cause. By minimizing these factors, we can reduce the effect that stress has on our organs, body and emotional health.


Physical Symptoms of Stress


The physical symptoms of stress can vary for everyone as each of us handles stress in our bodies in different ways. Some people may become overly emotional while others have a physical reaction and break out into hives. Our bodies are sensitive in individual ways and there no “across-the-board” reactions. If you are curious about how your body handles stress, keep a journal of reactions you are aware of. Track your emotions, moods swings, or other changes you see within your body.


Common Indicators of Stress


There are some common indicators that people can show when they are stressed out. These include:


–          Low Energy

–          Aches and Pains

–          Frequently Being Sick, Moody, and Irritable

–          Eating and Sleeping Problems

–          Procrastination Issues

–          Nervous Habits

–          Poor Judgement and Memory Problems


Watch for these indicators in yourself and others. Assessment and self-care are key in managing that negative stress while allowing motivation to keep you going through the day.




If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, please reach out to to schedule an appointment. We can work together to get to the root of the stress in your life and come up with solutions so that your health can be freed up. Negative stress should not consume your life and should not be a contributor to physical health problems. You deserve to live the healthiest and happiest life possible.


Are you ready to take the next step and learn how to effectively manage your stress? Our Stress Quotient assesses your stress levels and comes with a session to discuss your results. Stress does not have to rule your life – we have the tools to help!