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It’s Time for ME!

Do New Year Resolutions make you nervous? They do me. You know your going to get the question though right, what’s your New Year Resolution?
I get a bit anxious thinking of all of the ways I didn’t measure up with the goals that I set for myself last year, or setting ones this year that are achievable, and yet, somehow life altering.

This year, my New Year Resolution is more quality me time, and here’s why…

In solitude, our brains work better and we allow ourselves to go into a mode of reflection and self care. We get back to the business of our own wellbeing, ideas, and connection.
I know I know, you have people that need you, and are very vocal about it. We all do, and that’s even more of the reason that we must take time for ourself.

This past fall, I lost my sister to dementia at way to young of an age. She was everything to everyone in her world and she had no boundaries around her own self care. I will never know if that contributed to her state of disease, but I do know that if we don’t build in time to take care of us, it won’t happen on it’s own.

Here are a few ways to nourish yourself through me time.
First, calendar it! Make a weekly date with yourself and treat it like it’s a doctor’s appointment, or rather a wellness appointment.

Second, set the stage for focussing on you. What music, hot drink, inspiration, location feeds you? Incorporate those pieces into your ritual. let it flow. This is about you so give yourself permission to let your thoughts flow to the crevices that they may go.

Thirdly, add in gratitude. Gratitude has benefits in every area of our life. I like to focus on the health benefits, which alone are enough to make me pay attention. Being grateful decreases our blood pressure, helps us sleep better, exercise more and increases our vitality!

Now, take a deep breath, relax and focus on you! The world will be better with the best you in it! I’m here to chat if you’d like to look at other areas to improve in your health, just reach out on the contact page and I’ll connect.

Best of Health,