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Google Truth

Everything is figureoutable on Google search…

We’ve all been there, a distressing piece of information surfaces about our health, kids, or other important aspect of our life and it hits! Our need to find answers, immediately. So we jump on the internet and start searching key words, sources that seem reliable, while trying to X-Ray for evidence that supports our desired outcome. While this quenches our initial desire to do something about an issue that has appeared to us, we need to be cautious of becoming “instant experts” and overlooking crucial details.

Farming is one of those areas that is full of misconceptions. Have you been influenced to believe that most agriculture in the US comes from large corporate farms? Personally, I thought that was the truth since it was in line with the messaging that I was steeped in from the media. It turns out, that’s a myth!

According to the US Department of Agriculture: “Family farms comprise 99 percent of U.S. farms, accounting for 89 percent of production. Small farms make up 90 percent of farms, operating nearly half of farmland. Still, large family farms accounted for 42 percent of production in 2015.”

The field of health and nutrition is filled with all kinds of myths and fads, in fact there is more distrust towards the nutrition industry than the financial industry! Deciphering fact from fad is so powerful and I love to debunk health lies, hopefully giving my clients piece of mind in their wellness journey.

The topic of protein is another hot topic with lots of myths clouding it. There are so many drinks and foods on the market boasting an unreasonable amount of protein in them for good health and weight loss.

Anti to health though, the overage of protein that goes undigested actually causes inflammatory responses in our bodies and can be harmful.

What is the true amount of protein that we need and at what stage of our life? For most people, 50 grams of protein per day is a good number to shoot for. Of course this is a general guideline and varies depending on your life stage. Keep in mind that plants have protein too, and don’t come with the added fat that animal protein has.

To arm ourselves from false information and hype let’s get into the habit of asking is this true and how do I know for sure. Lots of times we can’t answer clearly and need to dig deep to find the truth and sometimes we need to consult with trusted experts. If you are searching for truth about nutrition and lifestyle, I’d love to chat with you in a complimentary session.

Yours Truly,