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The Gifts That Give Back


December is upon us! The train of holiday cheer and chaos has left the station and is on its merry way!

I want to go into the holiday season and into the New Year feeling like my best self. I want to walk into the gatherings with that notch on my belt feeling just right, and better yet, with my blood sugar balanced so I don’t even think about splurging on food that won’t serve me.

Most of all, I want to have fun and enjoy the people who I love and to experience the blessings around me!

If you could change an aspect of your health this season what would it be?

Maybe you’d like more energy, to control the spikes in hunger, to be more active, or to become more mindful. Sometimes, because of past failures, we don’t even like to set these goals or imagine these outcomes.

For me, I know I do better when I am in community with others who are making the same changes. This helps me to lighten the load, and to reduce my anxiety. That’s why I’m beginning a new online health coaching group beginning on December 6, and I invite you to join us to get a jumpstart on your personal wellness path!

Click on the link below to fill out the Wellness Questionnaire and we can set up your free half hour consultation with me where we can begin to tease out your health desires and set you on the path to your intended life through the doorway of your health.


Also, here’s a fun drink that you can sip on this holiday season. It can be made with or without alcohol. Enjoy!


Heart Healthy Holiday Pomegranate Mojito

1/3 Cup Pomegranate Juice

1 Tbsp. Lime Juice

1 oz Light Rum or Apple Cider

1 tsp. Almond Extract

1/2 Cup of Champagne or Sparkling Water

Pomegranate Arils for decoration


Fill a festive glass with ice and mix all ingredients together. Top with pomegranate arils for decoration.


To Your Health!