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Get Unstuck!

Not perfect? Who is?

You have a powerful, valuable purpose that your creator intended especially for you. All you need to be is –drumroll you to walk down or up that path.

Makeup not flawless like models on the cover of the latest fashion magazine? Legs not toned like your neighbor who runs 5 miles a day? Maybe you’re just waiting for your hair to grow to the perfect length and then all will be A-OK.

If these scenarios sound familiar, you’re in a holding pattern, waiting to accomplish all of your greatness tomorrow. Knock, Knock! You’re alive today?

One of the reasons that we throttle down our life is that we have a negative self-body image. Think about weight issues, skin issues or varicose veins. I personally have varicose veins and used to resist mini-skirts and shorts because I wanted to hide my legs. Then I realized that I didn’t need to hide. In fact, I could be proud of my journey and show off my legs maybe even making it okay for others to feel good about what they perceive as imperfections.

Health issues can also lead you to feel trapped in your body. Consider for example gastrointestinal issues such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), gas or constipation that makes you feel bloated. Another truth about me is that I suffered from chronic constipation from a young age up until my 20s when I did a complete nutritional makeover and transformation. Now it’s a thing of the past, but I remember the days of enemas and Ex-Lax as a way of life.

If you’re holding yourself back for any reason, know that there is a way to overcome these challenges to truly embrace your inner strength and gifts that no one has but you.

The first step is deciphering what is blocking you, and acknowledging it so that you can decide how to move forward. I can help.

I’d love to chat and peel back the layers with you so that you can get your bearings and go where you need to be – today!