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Fact Versus Fad in Nutrition

In our last blog, we discussed stress and how it affects our lives. Stress presents itself in many different ways and one area that can cause us stress is nutrition. With so many options, many people feel anxiety about making sure they choose what is right for them. In a perfect world, we all want an overnight solution and our options can be confusing and often “salesy”. We tend to get jaded by supplements and the promises they hold of fixing our health immediately. As a master certified health coach, I have many science-based solutions to help!


Why Fads Are So Unhealthy

One of the things I am especially good at is deciphering fact from fad. There are so many fads out there, and especially in the nutrition industry. These options vary from injections to supplements to elimination diets that try to manipulate your body’s normal biochemical pathways. Many of these are very dangerous and often causes more harm than good.

How I Can Help

What I bring to the table is a deep understanding of the science behind what makes us healthy. My career in cancer research led me to a gift of being able to discern fact from fad. I enjoy helping people navigate the wild waters of their wellness journey and find a plan that works for sustainability and that is affordable.

What’s the Next Step?

Starting on a new journey can be very overwhelming – but DON’T fear! I am here to help with every step. Here are a couple ways we can start:

1.Pantrymaker Visit

This is a home visit where your family and I go through your pantry together and mark all the foods with red, yellow, and green stickers (think stoplight) to help you visually make different decisions when you grab something to fuel your body. It’s a great opportunity to bring the family together and get on the same page.

  1. Smart Grocery Shopping

Grocery stores can be a big downfall when you are trying to make a lifestyle change. During this visit, we will do the shopping with you and your family, all together. Again, it’s a family activity. We will discuss different choices that can be made and help you learn new shopping patterns for this change.

  1. Whole Food Supplements

Our food choices are just one way that we can help our bodies perform at maximum capacity. Making sure we have all our nutrients and vitamins is another step down that path. I offer whole food supplements for purchase that can help make sure you are at peak performance!

To learn more about these options, please visit my website at

Taking the first step in changing your nutrition habits can be very scary. You are not alone! I am here to guide you and your family so that you can make the healthiest choices and transition into this new way of life. With a great support system, you can conquer your fears and you can step into a healthier lifestyle!