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Are You On Speaking Terms With Your Gut Bugs?


Think of all the clichés around your got brain like I had a gut feeling, well it turns out that the future revolutionary science of health is all pointing to our gut and the careful community that exists there called the microbiome.

You’ve probably heard this term tossed around because it’s becoming more mainstream as the research pours in supporting what Hippocrates said centuries ago “All disease begins in the gut”. 90% of the DNA in our body is actually microbial and not even human! In ancient Chinese medicine there is much talk about the gut and healing through fecal matter from healthy people.

The modern day translation of this is called fecal transplantatian and it’s very promising!

Perhaps the most fascinating, is the link between mental disorders and gut health. For decade scientists thought the so called blood brain barrier protected our brains from damage. But with the explosion of brain diseases it turns out that’s not true. The brain is now the sickest organ in the body with disorders like MS, Alzheimer’s, Autism and others exploding. Brain disease has now outnumbered heart disease in the US. The brain also is the least responsive to medication and the most affected by diet. Since drugs don’t work scientists are learning that food is the best way to heal your microbiome and support a healthy brain.

One of the best things we can do for our gut is to feed the good bacteria, instead of the bad bacteria, which love fast food and the “normal American diet”. The good bacteria only thrive on prebiotics, phytonutrients that come from vegetables and fruits. Prebiotics are basically insoluble fiber that comes from RAW plants like seeds, strings of celery, and apple peels. They love phytonutrients and unfortunately that is an area that society has ignored and we are further and further from a raw plant based diet than ever.

Another thing that you can do to help your microbiome is lower your stress, drink lots of chlorine free pure water, exercise 3-5 times a week, and start eating the required 9-13 servings of RAW vegetables with some fruits , all of different colors (representing different nutrients with each color) we need to “eat the rainbow” of food colors. Most of us like and eat only the same few fruits and veggies not getting the required variety of nutrients for optimum health. If you would like to have a free consultation to look into more ways that you can improve your mental health and microbiome reach out through the contact page on this website. I can help you take back healthy and THRIVE in your “Golden” years.