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An Open Letter


Dear Friends,

I am writing this to give hope to those who are not living life to its potential because of suboptimal health. I’m writing this to those who, despite this lapse, still want to preserve their health.

Our health is challenged in so many normal, routine ways every single day.

I have a friend who is currently going through a health struggle. For her, facing the pinball game of going from doctor to specialist, to the pharmacy, to the lab, to uncover the answer to why she doesn’t feel good is overwhelming. Another friend travels for work each week. He feels his nutrition is at the mercy of the hotel breakfast bar and the people hosting meetings and social gatherings at night. Another mom friend of mine is totally exhausted from taking care of her family, schlepping kids to their activities and keeping up with the errands and chores that she misses her workout almost every morning – just for a few moments of uninterrupted sleep. As a mother of three, I know that feeling all too well!

While each of my friends are aware of their health, the onslaught of demands and the deluge of information about health we all get everyday just seems to muddy the water and compound the confusion.

What is the way to get in balance with our health in the midst of our fast-paced lives? How can we heal, rebuild and sustain energy inherently within reach without joining another club or buying any expensive equipment? What if we could have clarity in our health journey so we could pass through the daily confusion, pressure and chaos to find a better way of living?

What I’ve learned on my path is this: Your health isn’t something you address after you’ve gotten everything else in life lined up. It is the doorway to the life you want to lead. And your intended life waits for you on the other side.

I believe your intended life waits for you.

It waits for each of my friends, mentioned above, who struggle to hold space for their own health. It waits, when we ignore it, when we see it but cannot act to protect it. It waits.

In other words, if you can own and take control of your health, your life will begin to open up in new ways, leading to broader and deeper wellness.

Our culture is so eager to try the next diet plan, to purchase the next quick-fix health supplement, but we’re still starved for true meaning and purpose in health. Health is a complex subject – it can’t be addressed with a pill or a trendy diet plan.

People want to access this intended life but feel unsure about how to get there. I know each of my friends have a vision, buried deep under their sense of powerlessness and confusion, for their intended life. It is my mission, my calling, to help people turn inward to investigate their own health needs and desires and to help them set their own health goals.

Setting goals then pursuing them, is not easy. It’s not quick. It’s not something you swallow.

Drawing discipline from a deep vision to fuel your health needs, is not simple. It’s something you invest in. It’s something you commit to.

But no one has to do it alone. With your investment, your commitment and our coaching and experience, your health can become your true wealth in life.

I invite you to evaluate your lifestyle and see if it is leading you to your intended life. If you think it is, great. If not, that’s a powerful acknowledgement and the beginning of something more. And if you’re ready for more, I’m here.