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Family Health and Fitness Day

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“The First Wealth is Health”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this quote, it’s one of my favorites. There are so many aspects to our health, it takes intention to keep them all in balance. One aspect of health that provides immediate benefits for our investment is exercise.

When we exercise, chemical messengers are produced in our body, creating a feeling of happiness that encourages us to make the effort to keep us looking and feeling great. When we make exercise a family activity, there are multiple benefits. First, these good feelings are shared. Second, being active as a family or with a buddy promotes bonding and nurtures our emotional and social needs too. For me, the importance of being active together and bonding with my kids, plus the benefits of those positive chemical messengers helps motivate me to carve out time to get moving with my kids every day.

But being consistent with family exercise can be a challenge!

It helps to start with making a list of the possible activities that you could do as a family, or with your friends. Possible activities could be as simple as walking or trying out a new path, or playing Frisbee in the park. Keep it fun!

Another option: Are there community programs and facilities in your area that you have been meaning to explore? Remember, you only have to be a newbie once and then you will know the ropes. And, who knows? Maybe the thing you try will become a habit and fit into your schedule! In either case, you will be in the know about your community and you might find a shared interest that bonds you even more.

The Goals of the 20th Annual Family Health and Fitness Day are “to emphasize the importance and fun of regular physical activity and to encourage families of all ages to take advantage of the many health and fitness programs offered in their communities.” Sometimes we just need a nudge. Saturday, September 24, 2016, can be that gentle push to help you make a new routine for your family and yourself.

I believe that your intended life is waiting for you, and your health is the door to get you there. What part of your health are you surrendering that needs attention?

Maybe you are looking for a partner to help keep you accountable and design a wellness plan that works for you. I offer a complimentary assessment and 30-minute session to help you get started. If you would like to connect I invite you to reach out to me at