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3 Tips to Align Your Health Goals with Your Life

It’s confusing with all of the aspects of wellness to think about. No wonder some people just give up before they begin, or swim in the confusion of fads.

Between the latest diet fad, exercise program, being mindful, getting enough sleep, drinking water instead of Champagne, macros, micros…..

One thing is for sure, confusion leads to doing nothing. 

Here’s 3 simple tips to align your wellness desires with your life..

1. Practice Gratitude Daily The benefits of gratitude are life changing for sure. You will experience more fullness in your relationships, boost your energy and wellbeing, even your work performance will be elevated! The trick is finding ways to incorporate gratitude into daily life, making it a habit. What I found to be the most consistent tool for me is to have a gratitude journal, a small book beside my bed. Every night, even if I’m too tired to pick up the pen, I write down 5 things that I’m grateful for at that moment. I can’t tell you how doing this small act, literally less than 1 minute a day, has changed my outlook on life and the way I wake up in the morning. Try it, and let me know please!

2. Prep for success with snacks for the week. This will help the number one problem that gets us off course, blood sugar spikes and crashes. How would it feel to take out a pack of nuts and fruit or mix up a simple shake instead of grabbing for that drink or who knows what left in the office kitchen? I like to make up baggies of nuts, fruit and veggies that I can throw into my bag as I head out the door. Hint: almonds with celery is divine in the car!

3. Journal morning and night Ask yourself these high powered questions do that you stay on track. A few minutes bookending your day will add a tremendous amount of clarity and internal support.

  • How am I going to feed my body today to keep me healthy?
  • Why do I want to be strong and in good health?
  • Who is counting on me to be my best self? And, finally…
  • What tools do I need for support?

Good luck to you as you begin this new year! A whole fresh trip around the sun to grow towards the best you yet!

I’m here if you need a compass to get back on course.

Suzy xoxo